Yes, we are competitive in all these!

We have gained experience in developing different kind of applications, e-commerce projects and big data processing. The team is always keeping up with the latest technologies. We are also currently working in the artificial intelligence field. And we have practical knowledge on machine learning algorithms and statistical models and patterns.


Enterprise Applications

Building different platforms in the cloud and managing data flow between them is our key architectural background.


E-Commerce Solutions

After many successful projects in the last 9 years we proudly identify ourselves as e-commerce experts. We do not only run shops to sell your articles. We build big portals connected to multiple business environments and tools.


AI & Machine Learning

We provide the full stack of ML services: in-house high quality labeling, data analyzing, tensorflow networks and even front-end containers exposing the business logic.


Big Data Processing

We gained fantastic experience in practical ETL and cloud implementation of customized BI.


Mobile Apps

As we use standardized technologies like React Native all our developers and QAs have taken part in creating great mobile apps both for Android and iOS. And they love it!


Custom Web Development

Here we follow one simple rule: Even the most customized business logic must be built over standard components and frameworks. Then your risk of depending on huge amount of custom code is minimal.